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Situs Bandarq is a training program that has produced remarkable changes in many martial arts and self defense techniques. The training system was originally developed for the Saudi National Guard when they required expertise in handling an irregular and violent civilian population. The Situs Bandarq system was designed with an emphasis on keeping a group of troops prepared and highly disciplined for unforeseen situations. The program was then modified and improved for use in the Israeli military. In recent years, the situs bandage online program has been introduced in the United States to help prepare service members for military service in the Middle East.

The origin of the situs bandage online program can be traced back to two of the most influential figures from Pakistan, General Muhammad Yousaf and Brigadier Zafar Idrees. In their studies, both decided that all their soldiers were to be equipped with weapons that would enable them to protect themselves against an enemy force. They were determined that each soldier should at least have a handgun and a rifle to fight against any aggressors. This became the basis of the original situs bandage online training system.

Today the Situs Bandarq program is still being used around the world. However, it is adapted to U.S. Forces in the Middle East and U.S. Special Forces. That is why the training methods and ammunition are slightly different. For example, the main (right hand weapon) and the one (left hand weapon) are not identical in use and design in the United States. This is why some of the techniques from the pemain and ini have been changed and adapted for the purposes of Situs Bandarq situs bandarq online.

The Situs Bandarq online training has evolved into a hybrid system. There is a hybrid combination of traditional training methods that work hand in hand with the new online courses that focus on modern training and applications. For example, the Situs Banda (arming) course teaches the proper use of the two weapons – the machete and the stick. With this hands on training, one learns to use the weapon like a weapon, which helps to increase one’s ability to protect oneself.

A typical Situs Bandarq course will include several phases. The first phase will incorporate the basics and fundamentals of martial arts such as situs (the stand), dalam permainan (the bridge stance) and manuk (the groin hold). These are common weapons used by most tribes. Once you learn the basic positions, you will move to the second phase, which deals with the application of these weapons in different combat settings. Most classes will spend a few days drilling on these weapons, but you may find classes that cover only a few exercises or even none at all.

The main goal of the second phase of Situs Banda Bekal training is to familiarize the student with the situs as well as the other weapons. A typical class will cover the three phases of training including training on how to use the weapon as well as applying it correctly. A good class will also teach the student how to use the paling baik (traditional weapon) and how to perform the main-main technique, the ini daram. It is important for the ini daram technique to be performed with the correct form, especially for beginners.

The final phase of training in Situs Bandarq online includes an advanced demonstration of the ini daram and a demonstration of the weapon in actual combat situations. This will allow the student to be trained to fight without the weapon and to develop a realistic fighting style. If possible a video of this demonstration should be available from the website.

The website situs bandage pula is a great place for new students to get started. There are videos, articles and a detailed class description to help determine the requirements for joining. The link below has much more information on the martial art.

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