Marketing, as we all are aware of is about a major war against many forces to acquire market share in this cut throat competitive scenario. The world is surrounded by brands and it has become an integral part of our lives. The utmost priority for every business is to excel in their fields and achieve nothing but the best. For this companies need to rise above the usual standard to plan, create and come up with innovative promotional ideas that will suit and carter to the brand such a way that it will bring the customers closer to the product.

Brand Activation is a marketing process to bring a product alive and by creating a brand experience. It is an indispensable part of the evolution branding agency hk and mobilization of any brand. To ignite the demand for the brand, we must activate the consumer’s passion using the power of a huge idea. It is also important the customer must connect to a brand emotionally.

It is people in service who are actually responsible for activating your brand. When a brand is successfully activated it is able to bring in more customers along with not letting go of its existing market share. When this process is not implemented in the right manner it would have a bad effect on the image of brand.

Event Management is also an important step for the process of brand activation. Meetings and conventions bring people together for a common cause. Conduction of various kinds of events and programs is essential to address the purpose, message or impression that the organization is trying to communicate.

Brand Activation must be flexible. The best product activation process must change and adapt to the current trends in the market. The staircase to success of brand activation is- taking into consideration customer’s preference & taste, attentive listening to the responses of customers and making the most required and appropriate changes.

Following are the benefits of Brand Activation & Event

• It helps in revitalizing your brand
• It brings your customers closer to the product
• It helps in making your brand prominent
• You can convey your positioning using Brand Activation & Event
• It can increase the amount of repurchase of the brand by customers
• It is through Brand Activation, consumer can give you further ideas on how to improve the brand as they interact with it.
• Distortion is minimal in this case
• It increases your brand priority
• Increases the amount of repurchase by customers.

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