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Blogging – What is it and Why Would I Do It?

We first saw weblogs in the mid-90s with people taking their journals, or diaries, to the internet.  It was a fun, rather quirky way for people to share their thoughts with the wider world.  Net users quickly shortened weblogs to blogs and some blogs garnered an almost cult following.

The popularity of blogging really began to take off in the late 90s when software was created just to facilitate the ease of creating and maintaining a blog.  OpenDiary created the first blog community in 1998 and introduced interactivity by allowing readers to be able to comment. In 1999, was launched and this service was to bring blogs to the masses.
In the decade since their introduction, blogs have taken off on a scale that would have dumbfounded the first bloggers Sherry dyson.  There are still bloggers who use their blog as an online diary of sorts but the purposes of blogs are almost as varied as the people doing the blogging. As technology has advanced, so have the ways to blog. Additions like audio blogging (podcasting) and video blogging (vlogging) have made blogging a rich, multimedia experience.
Blogs are one of the easiest ways to establish a web presence, as there are many blog platforms that eliminate the need to learn how to create a website. is still one of the most popular of the free blogging options. Purchased by Google in 2003, offers anyone the option of creating one or more blogs in a matter of minutes. not only has the platform but even provides the web space so that users don’t incur hosting charges.
Another popular blog platform is the WordPress platform. WordPress started out in 2003 and is an open source platform. Open source is code that is basically a collaboration with many coders and programmers. No licensing is required and anyone can freely use and modify the code to improve usability or add features. This has resulted in WordPress being the most customizable platform and added to its popularity.
Today’s blogs are still being used for online diaries but even more are being created every day for a myriad of purposes. Politicians use blogs to tell their constituents what they stand for.  Journalists are blogging the news as it happens.  Celebrities, like actors and authors, are keeping in touch with their fanbase.  Businesses use blogs to inform their customers of new products and developments.
Blogging is an easy way for anyone to be able to express themselves online.  There’s no need to learn complicated programming or coding and a blog can be set up almost instantly.  You can use your blog to communicate and share with people in ways that email just doesn’t allow.

Recently I discovered a blogging system for the UK. It’s called “Britain’s Got Success” and it features an easy to follow step by step guide which explains how you can start blogging and earning extra income, a lot of extra bonuses on Internet Marketing and Business, plus they offer free online support to all their members.

I have experienced support from other programs and it was a “horrible” experience. Emails not getting answered, support not able to help properly, different people replying to my emails, no support ticket system, etc.

I am currently a member of Britain’s Got Success, and I must say their customer support is excellent. I had some problems changing my blog’s theme and they helped me set it up nicely, and best of all, they offered me to set everything up by themselves! That’s right, I didn’t have to do a thing, I just told them which theme I wanted and wait 20 min. that was it! Plus, I wanted to get more information on a specific technique and All my questions were answered right away. I really think support is the MOST important aspect of a system and this one surely got one hell of a support team. It’s almost like having someone on the other side of the screen.

I’m going to teach you ways to make money from your blog. Hopefully you can earn some big amounts of money, and do it so that maybe you could even do it as a full time job. Or you can just do it as a side thing and earn extra money on the side. It’s up to you, and how much you put in.

Beginning with the basics. A blog consists of regular published information about a certain topic, news event or even a peron’s life, that are all written up on the site. Blogs are free websites, that anyone can create for themselves. You can upload entries at any time you would like to, that is once it’s up and running.

Running a blog, is one of the easiest websites to run for any individual. Furthermore they are very common all over the Internet, and incredibly easy to use. Many blog directories will promote your blog if it consists of awesome information. The Internet is full of valuable information nowadays about so many topics, so writing about anything will do.

Two terms that you might see, are “blogger”, which is what you are if you start running your own blog, and “blogging” which is the activity of running the blog. People on the Internet are free to see your blog, and the entries you put up.

When information is put up on your blog, people will start visiting, and this is how your “money-making” journey begins. Use your visitors as a means to begin making an income from your blog. Ways in which you can blog to make money are:

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