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Brand Benefits of Market Blogs

Online business and online marketing is a term that has popped out only a few years ago and is now finally becoming one of the most popular searched terms all over big search engines. Marketing blog is another term about which people have been speaking. Many people have been boggling their minds for fun and profit for as long as there have media to broadcast their words. We all know how expensive it can be to throw our message over media. Internet is another way of doing that but in a way cheaper manner. Imagine super stage performers of 50s wanting to market their performance and get more shows, how would have they used internet if it was available in their time? It is so obvious that they would have started their own blogs. I not only call it blogs because you are actually using it to market your service, brand or product so more prominently I would say a marketing blog is the answer of all these questions.

Marketing blog creates a relationship between you and people that give you brand recognition. You can blog abut your daily activities or travels and let your family and friends know what you have been up to lately or you can your views and opinion out in the world. A Marketing Blog is not only giving you recognition but it also giving a word out at the same time This, in fact, was the original idea behind blogs, and the concept followed by many of the most popular ones: highlighting little-known Web sites or articles or stores in the media that readers are too busy to read, and providing alternative views and commentary about those Web sites, news stories, or other current events.

It is not important just to make a living by blogging but yes you can do that. It is possible to supplement one’s income this way. I read an article by Andrew Sullivan, who writes daily Dish at his own site, one of the most popular blogs around, reported on his site that he was getting as many as 300,000 visitors each day in the days leading up to the presidential election of 2004. How he did that? Simple answer is that during those days all readers of political views run towards his blog for quality content. After the election season the hits went down to 100,000 but that is also a big number. Remember that while making a marketing blog or a simple blog for your brand or your own recognition you can earn by posting quality (interesting) content.

Since the beginning of recorded time, mankind has longed to be heard, to be remembered, to have their voice live on after their body is gone, in essence, to record their time on earth. It used to be that only the rich, educated, or privileged could write, or were allowed to record their own thoughts. Like most other things, the advent of technology, the home computer, and the internet, have made this inequity nonexistent.

The internet has allowed regular people, all over the world, to communicate with each other in ways never before thought possible. All of a sudden, people were writing online journals, web-logs, or blogs.

It’s hard to believe that it all started, over ten years ago, with a little web site called OpenDiary. OpenDiary was revolutionary when it was unleashed on cyberspace in 1998. For the first time, anyone, anywhere could create their own “website” to share whatever was important to them. It was the first blogging platform to enable commenting on posts, allowing users to collaborate, share, disagree, and discuss the current affairs of their lives. Then, in 1999, we saw the rise of the most popular blogging platform to date- Blogger brought blogging, or “web-logging”, to the masses. Since then, we’ve had a multitude of other blogging websites, with many different formats and serving a plethora of niche markets.

Having all of these fresh new perspectives collectively voicing their opinions can be a little daunting, though. Even picking someone else’s blog to spend some time reading can be a tough choice. With so many thousands of people to listen to, how do you pick just one? Therein lies the beauty of the digital age. No longer confined to one subscription to one newspaper, people are discovering their own news, following thirty blogs instead of one Wall Street Journal.

So how does one actually go about creating a blog? It is actually one of the easiest things you will do all day. In most cases, creating a blog takes absolutely no technical knowledge of designing a website, other than maybe picking out colors or fonts. Most blogging platforms give you little control over actual layout and presentation, but simplify the process so that everybody can get in the game. The exception to this rule is the platform called WordPress. WordPress is open source, which means that anybody can view or change the programming code that makes the application work. Conveniently, this also means that you can add to the code, to simplify repetitive actions or, really, anything imaginable. WordPress is the best option for people who want a lot of control over final presentation and a platform with infinite extensibility.

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