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Can You Predict Your Future in Email Marketing?

It’s a fact; everything is changing, moving forward rapidly. Some say time is actually compressing, and that it feels like we have less time, because we do. Some say email marketing is dying… that in the very near future, email inboxes will have become so crowded with marketing messages that the ROI of many email marketers will either diminish significantly, or totally… that the cost of the email marketing campaign you worked so hard to prepare… will be more than the return.

Is email marketing dying? Me? I think those who say email marketing is dying… are wrong. I think email marketing is going to be around for a long time. I also think that smart marketers will start rethinking their email focus… now. Smart marketers will prepare for the future… right now… just before it arrives GoDaddy email login.

There is certainly truth in the fact that email marketing has reached such an intense level that email boxes are overflowing. Email recipients are… and will continue to… get more discriminating about what gets opened… and what doesn’t.

Already, most email recipients know at a glance what is spam and what isn’t. Spam filters catch a majority of unwanted emails. Email recipients catch nearly all the rest… and immediately delete anything that comes from someone they don’t know and trust.

Permission-based email marketing is a fact. Email marketers know and understand that if they want to do business through email, they need permission. They understand the legal requirements of the CAN-SPAM. They know they must respect the privacy of their email list, and that they need to make their privacy and opt-out policies easy to see, and easy to use.

What many email marketers don’t get… is how much is too much? Having permission to send emails, many marketers deluge the recipient with offer after offer. Some have gathered statistics to find the best day, and the best time of day to send their emails. Some have segmented their lists by product preference and past shopping habits. Their email marketing strategy, however, is simply to put offer after offer in front of an increasingly overloaded and overwhelmed audience.

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