CCTV surveillance equipment, also called a CCTV camera system, is a visual surveillance tool developed for monitoring various environments and activities. An important advancement in the security and surveillance field, many businesses stand to benefit from installing CCTV (closed circuit television) in their stores and offices.

Modern CCTV surveillance equipment involves CCD (charge coupled device) video cameras, cable or wireless transmitters/receivers, and monitors. The equipment does not transmit TV signals to the public, but broadcasts them over to limited monitor(s). Video cameras are operated remotely from a control room.

CCTV’s sophisticated technology assures picture clarity, night vision, computer-aided operation, and motion recognition facilities that permit the operator to instruct the system to go on red alert when anything moves into view of the cameras. Camera patrol robot systems increasingly use bullet-proof casing and automated self-defense mechanisms, which ensure that cameras under assault are covered by adjacent cameras.

CCTV surveillance equipment plays an important role in crime control policy, social control theory and ‘community consciousness’. Studies show that the use of CCTV systems reduces crime rates. Once burglars find that an area is under observation, they are less likely to indulge in criminal activities.

CCTV systems are used to combat ‘anti-social behavior’, such as littering, urinating in public, traffic violations, obstruction, drunkenness, and a host of such activities. This technology is also a good solution for such problems as vandalism, drug use, drunkenness, racial harassment, sexual harassment, loitering and disorderly behavior.

CCTV surveillance equipment is available for indoor, outdoor, and even underwater inspection requirements. Time Lapse VCRs, combiners, infrared illuminators, and Pan/Tilt figure among the CCTV surveillance equipments. The web camera servers, the most recent development, use the internet for remote surveillance.

In a world with increasing crime and criminals, CCTV surveillance equipment has turned into an icon for security.

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