What is really the purpose of condoms? 安全套價錢 If you are one of the few men who hate wearing one, then chances are you have no idea about the brands that actually works best. But to answer the question, condoms are made to help stop the spread of different diseases that are now spreading around the world, and of course prevent unwanted pregnancy.

Getting someone pregnant is probably the main reason why condoms are really popular in men. After all, the last thing anyone wants is to be thrown in a marriage that they are not ready to handle. We all have seen how people hurriedly got married simply because the girl is pregnant, and then only get divorce later on because they are not really into each other.

Therefore if you don’t want to become an instant daddy and avoid this situation, it is time to reconsider and start using them. To help you decide which brands would work for you, please read the following first since they are the 3 reasons why you should go with the leading brands rather than the cheapest condoms.

1) In choosing condoms price should not be your sole basis, because if you do you will only end up with one that is not functional and totally useless.

2) Leading brands like durex are proven to totally work. It will not rip easily no matter large your penis. They might be expensive than other brands but you are assured of the quality.

3) Durex has also different designs, colors and flavors that won’t give you skin rashes and swelling that other colored of flavored condoms do. So if you’re into colorful and fun sex, then use one that is best in giving protection.

Leading brands may be expensive but with them you are guaranteed that it would not rip as your penis is still inside the vagina. That would create havoc in your life, and I am sure bachelorhood has no price. So be smart and use only the best, your life is on the line.

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