US Embassies and Consulates operate in every part of the globe. They facilitate the visa processing. Persons who wish to go to the US on an immigrant or non immigrant visa have to start the process at the US Consulate in their country. However, at times, due to natural disasters, war, or other reasons, embassies and consulates have to limit or, at times even go to the extent of suspending their services. There are a few countries that receive limited visa service from the US embassies and consulates. There are also a few countries where visa services have been suspended. In addition, there are countries that do not have US embassies or consulates.

Countries where Visa Services are suspended

Belarus – Minsk

Eritrea – Asmara

Libya – Tripoli

As mentioned earlier, the US embassies and consulates have suspended visa services due to natural disasters and other reasons. Note that US embassies and consulates closed for holidays or places where visa services are not available for a certain number of days are not included here.

Belarus, Minsk

Though for this country, all visa services are suspended until further notification, US Embassy Minsk does take care of visa processing for certain visa services non immigrant visa applications which fall under the following classifications:

A visas – exclusively available for diplomats and government officials

G visas – available for employees and representatives to international organizations

B visas – exclusively for relatives of Belarusian diplomats who are serving at Belarusian diplomatic missions in the US

visas for family and medical emergencies that requires immediate/urgent travel

visas for travel and programs sponsored by the US Government

visas for senior citizens who are 70 years old and and older. You can get more detailed information at the US Embassy Minsk website.

Persons in Belarus filing for non immigrant visas may apply in person at any US embassy or consulate where they have been scheduled an appointment. The recommended locations for Belarus residents are:

US Embassy Moscow, Russia

US Consulate General St. Petersburg, Russia

US Embassy Warsaw, Poland; U.S. Embassy Kyiv, Ukraine

US Embassy Vilnius, Lithuania

For detailed information, all non resident applicants can visit the particular embassy or consulate’s website. Should you need to fix an interview appointment, you can get in touch with the US embassy or consulate directly where you would like to file. Also note that immigrant visa services for Belarus residents are provided at the US Embassy Warsaw, Poland.

Eritrea, Asmara

As in the case of Belarus residents, though all visa services are suspended until there is an official notification, US Embassy Asmara is open to process certain non immigrant visa applications only for a select categories given below:

A visas – for diplomats and government officials

G visas – for employees and representatives to international organizations

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