No doubt about it, the domestic nanny is the best option when it comes to child care. It’s all about finding the right one. As an employer, the interview is the process crucial to success. You don’t just undergo one, you should nail it. Though the authority is yours in this game, you don’t want to risk disrespect and awkwardness on the interview. Here are some delicate issues for both of you that need to be handled with care.

Disciplining a Child

Every position in domestic staffing requires specific characters and manners. Do you want a nanny who is a disciplinarian or who is passive? Asking a nanny how she handles child discipline will always be a hard question, but you should like what you hear. A nanny has a big influence on your child and you may want her to be a role model in 海外女傭 terms of good manners and conducts.


A domestic nanny or domestic helper definitely has her own religion. Do you respect that? Do you prefer that you belong on the same congregation? Christian values are of high importance to anyone. You may want your nanny to be able to portray some Christian teachings to your child or depending on your religion.

The Compensation

Know your budget before seeking a domestic placement agency first. Ask around and inquire about the standard rate, and think if you can handle it. Discussing the salary to a nanny will be awkward at the first time. She may not ask it directly but it is one of the reasons she is applying to you. Discuss all the pays about the job and the terms as well.

If you want a domestic worker who is both a housekeeper and nanny, you can have it both ways with the domestic nanny. It’s all about the advantage and your ability to be responsible to an employee. Before your responsibility begins, let everything be agreed upon, just make the interview successful.

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