Many people have seen the show Doomsday Preppers and their first question always seems to be? How do I become a doomsday prepper? Just by asking the question it shows that you are already on your way. A doomsday prepper isn’t made overnight, it takes time and effort usually and also funds to buy stuff.

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Several articles on this site have touched on the basics but this one will be a bit more advanced.

Before you go out and buy a bunch of gear you need to think about what you are prepping for? Are you concerned that the government won’t be able to provide for your safety and well being? Are you concerned because you live in a tsunami or hurricane zone where you may be without resources for more than a couple of days? Or are you worried the power grid will go down and will take weeks or months to get repaired? All of these are good reasons to start your survival preparations today.

As a prepper my hope is that I will never need to use the items I have in my prepper cache. At the same time though I don’t want to be the one to be saying OMG I can’t believe that just happened and not have the stuff I need to survive the aftermath of any given survival situation survival food.

So to become a prepper you will want to assess what threats you face that you need to be prepared for. If they are chemical in nature or nuclear a gas mask and iodine pills should be in your survival kit for sure. If you are in a place where a natural disaster is going to be an issue it’d be good to keep your prepper supplies mobile and have a well stocked bug out bag and items like a water bladder for your bathtub to give you access to clean water.

If you are thinking hyperinflation is going to be a problem then having a ready supply of food will be the answer. You might be interested in learning to can food or buy prepared dehydrated or frozen food, or even survival bars. This will allow you to buy products now that you will need in the future and may not be able to get. Having a 3 month food supply or a 1 year food supply will give you a lot of security when it comes to hyperinflation.

Security is on item that will also need to be taken into account. Most people believe that people are inherently good, but that is only when they are not faced with adversity such as you’d see when there are no products on the store shelf or when gas is $5.00 a gallon. Many people that you would assume to be nice, won’t be so nice. Having ample security to be able to protect your family and your home is very critical. If you can’t afford a gun, maybe a stun gun, or even a baseball bat is better than nothing. But assume if you have it and others don’t they want yours.

So to start your doomsday prepping efforts begin by assessing what you have and what you need. What is your weakest point. Once you have that look at what you need to improve those areas that are weakest.

Generally a survival cache will include: food, water, security items, person hygiene items, first aid items and survival gear such as a tent, sleeping bags etc.

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