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Early Online No Limit Texas Hold’em Tournament Play

So your online poker tournament has just started. Your buy-in is paid, the chips are in and all the players are dealt their cards. Now what? Truth be told is that every poker player has a different strategy on how then intend to utilize their chips. It is the players that are unsure of how to utilize their chips through placing their bets who are weaved out of the poker tournaments. If you pay attention to the tournament lobby, you will notice the numerous players who are eliminated within the first few minutes.

This brings up the next question.

How Do You Stay Alive In Your Online No Limit Texas Hold ’em Poker Tournament?

They key to staying alive long enough to where you can start making moves is by using a simple yet imperative technique not known by most newcomer Texas Hold’em poker players. This is the technique of preserving your stack. Preserving your stack is almost as important as winning chips. If you do not preserve you stack then other players will gladly take your chips since you are so giving.

Poker is not a charity. You goal is to take other poker players chips. Not to have your chips taken! Do not be that player who plays every hand because it is only 50 chips to call the big blind in high hopes that the odds will turn in your favor. This is especially true if you are doing this with garbage hands such as J, 2 off suite. Playing in this manner will easily get you labeled a “Donkey” by other players. Nobody wants to be labeled a donkey.

It is understandable, however, why so many online Texas Hold’em poker players throw their chips away. It is incredibly easy to play a hand because all you have to do is click a button if you want to call or raise. You will often see an abundance of players calling each and every single hand in order to see flops.

In reality, if you take a close look at what is in the pot before the blinds and antes kick in you will notice that the tournament is not worth throwing away for a few chips. You can loose all your chips or only win a small amount. The risk does not outweigh 온라인홀덤 the reward typically during early online no limit Texas Hold’em tournament play.

For example, let us assume a theoretical scenario by placing a few variables. Let say the blinds are 25/50, you have a 2,900 chip stack, and you have a crumby hand such as A, 8 off suite. You then raised with this hand hoping you can see a flop and hopefully connect. The flop comes out giving you trip aces and you win the hand only to get 75 chips. 75 chips and you risked your chip stack and didn’t even get paid off even though you won the hand. The moral of this story is that poker tournaments are not won in the first hours of game play.

Think of your online no limit Texas Hold’em poker tournaments as if they were a marathon. The last poker player standing is going to be the one who will make the most profit. Early no limit Texas Hold’em poker tournament play is about survival. You can not survive if you are throwing away all your chips to see cheap flops or are always getting involved in the action. Your results will be much more efficient if you wait to pick up a hand and only play small pots. As previously stated, “Donkeys” are the poker players that limp with J, 2 off suite.

However, DO limp with small pocket pairs. I would much rather loose small pots by not raising pre-flop and then build the pot if you hit the “nuts”. If you don’t hit your hand, then just check/fold with a minimal loss. If you do happen to catch big pocket pairs (aces, kings or queens), then you do want to be firing off bets to make sure you get value out of those hands in hopes another poker player will call you.

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