Ephedra free fat burners are safer for weight loss and not hard to find. The early 1990s brought with it interesting fashion, increased awareness of exercise and a popular fat burner called Ephedra. Dieters couldn’t get enough of it as more and more studies reported significant weight loss success for those who used it. People who wanted to lose weight were sure that Ephedra was the answer to their prayers. They could actually feel it working in their bodies. Many people reported getting a “buzz” when they took the Ephedra supplement. This was a great boon for people who needed that extra boost of energy during their workouts.

Ultimately, it was this buzz that contributed to the downfall of Ephedra. As more people discovered the feel good effect of the supplement, people began taking more and more and for reasons other than weight loss. Additionally, adverse side effects began surfacing. Similar to antihistamines, Ephedra increases the body’s metabolism and burns calories and fat. The side effects, though, halted its reign over the health supplement market.

People began using Ephedra like amphetamines. It was easier to obtain and legal so there were really no ramifications for obtaining and using  Acidaburn it. However, they began to abuse it, using it stay awake to party or study. Emergency rooms across the country saw case after case of stroke, seizures and heart related conditions that were related to Ephedra.

Reports came rolling in linking Ephedra to serious health conditions and even fatalities. It was also discovered to be highly addictive. As the media labeled Ephedra as a “killer weightloss supplement,” people began turning to fat burners that were Ephedra free. It was the combination of these serious side effects that led the United States Food and Drug Administration to ban Ephedra in 2004. However, the decline in sales and bad press were already working to push Ephedra off the market even before the FDA took action.

Ephedra free fat burners swiftly came onto the market offering safer alternatives to fat burners containing Ephedra. Now, you can find these fat burners at your local drug store, from a online merchant or a health food store. There are also many products online. These healthier alternatives are quite easy to find and obtain but do not have the side effects and not as detrimental to your health.

Synephrine is one of the fat burners that has replaced Ephedra. Its manufacturers claim that is better than Ephedra because it only targets the fat in the body. This means that it does not pose a threat to the heart tissue like it was discovered that Ephedra did. It does not have any adverse effects on blood pressure and it does not cause arrhythmia. The same can not be said for Ephedra. Claims made about this Ephedra free product state that it can burn fat, burn calories and increase energy while decreasing your appetite. This makes it a good, all around weight loss supplement.

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