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Finding the Right Golf Ball

In the beginning man made golf balls small and hard. Dating back to the 17th century golf balls were made of wood. They then they invented the featherie ball. Taking that wood ball and covering it with a hand sewn leather pouch stuffed with chicken or goose feathers and coated with paint. They used so many feathers in the ball that you could fill a top hat. They were then boiled and put into the leather bag. When it cooled, the feathers would expand and the hide would shrink, making a compact ball.

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In today’s technology the golf ball has come a long way since the 17th century. One to four layers of resign, multi-dimples, high and low compressions. So you ask yourself, how do I know which ball I need to compete with? Depending on your skill range, swing speed and just exactly what you want the ball to do will help choose which ball is best for you. Golf balls are engineered for three major things, Distance, Spin and Durability 파워볼게임.

If you are a beginner or a junior golfer a Two-Piece golf ball is perfect to start your game with. Because it has a solid inner core it is designed for distance and durability. Since this ball is harder constructed it is less likely to cut or split from thin hits or hitting obstacles like trees or golf cart paths. It is also the less expensive way to go since lets face it; you are going to put these balls in the woods or the pond. I always recommend spending less money at the start. No need to buy Pro V1’s yet.

For the intermediate golfer a Multi-Layered Golf Ball should be used. This ball has a solid or liquid inner core with a woven or molded rubber outer core and a softer cover. A ball like this will give you higher spin and softer feel giving the intermediate golfer more control and better stopping power on and around the greens. These balls are more expensive, less durable, and less in the distance bracket.

For the advanced golfer a High Performance or Hybrid Golf Ball may be used. These balls are the best of both worlds because you get the feel and control of a high spin ball without sacrificing distance. Junior golfers may find this ball too expensive and unless you like buying a dozen balls for every round I recommend you stay with the Two Piece until you are ready. These balls will split if you hit them thin and will mark up on trees and golf paths.

What does my swing speed have to do with which ball I should choose to play with? Great question as it has a lot to do with how far you are able to hit the ball. On every box of balls, usually on the back, it will show what the compression.

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