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Five Steps for Writing an Excellent Opinion essay

Isn’t that the title of this article enough to motivate you to begin writing immediately? Just kidding! I suppose you need more motivation than just a title. After going through these 5 steps, I am able to provide a little push with real examples from my students’ essays. If you don’t believe my words, skip to Step 4. And remember, their essays are for intermediate students.
Step 1. Step 1.

Opinion essay. In an opinion article, the writer provides evidence, facts, and examples to support his position. But he isn’t trying to convince the reader.

Persuasive essay. In persuasive essays, the writer tries convince the reader of his point of view. To convince the reader to subscribe to his views, the author relies on logic and facts as well as definitions and examples.
Step 2. Step 2.

1 Essential tips for writing an opinion essay

Begin each paragraph with a topic-sentence that highlights the main ideas.
Do not discuss advantages, disadvantages, or points against.
Writing in formal style.

  1. There are some things you should not do when writing an essay on opinion.

Avoid using colloquial words.
Don’t use the shortest forms.
Don’t use emotive vocabulary.

  1. You must decide whether or not to agree with the title. Try to find at least two or more reasons to support your opinion. You might also consider other points of view that you disagree with.
  2. Organise your essay into clear paragraphs.

Introduction: Introduce yourself and your opinion. Decide whether you agree/disagree with the statement.
Body: 2 to 3. For each paragraph, give reasons to support your opinion.
Conclusion: Take your ideas and summarize them. Then, use different words to express your opinion.

  1. There is a process of writing. Follow this process. It will help you a lot.

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