Permanent Weight Loss Equals Healthy Weight Loss

Permanent and healthy weight loss can not only improve ones self-esteem, but it can also be an integral part of increasing overall physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. However, many weight loss approaches train the victim (You!) to do all the wrong things, and eat all the wrong foods, leading to rebound weight gain. If you lose weight in a healthy way, then you weight loss will be permanent.

Weight Watchers Damages Metabolism

I have seen so many people going to a program like Weight Watchers completely ruin their metabolism by losing more muscle than fat. They get applauded every week when they improve their weight loss by losing muscle. In the long run, this person ends up gaining the weight back because of the metabolic slow-down due to the loss of muscle, which is discouraging to say the least.

Diet and Detox Weight Loss

No healthy detox weight loss plan is complete without a well-balanced diet of REAL FOOD! I recommend a colorful mediterranean diet that is modified to be low glycemic index. Establishing a healthy diet does not mean taking away all carbs; nor does it mean stocking your shelf with low-fat diet foods. Rather, you should intake a diet full of lean proteins, plenty of non-starchy vegetables, and limited amounts of beans, healthy fruits and nuts. Optional would some limited amounts of whole grains. Of course, no detox diet would be complete without plenty of pure water.

Movement and Detox Weight Loss

In addition to a nutritious diet and plenty of water, movement is also important for detox weight loss. Regardless of what type of movement you enjoy, the important thing is to get going! Try walking five times a week for about 30 minutes. Not only are you getting exercise and burning calories, but you are also moving lymph, and stimulating blood flow through your tissues – essential for proper detoxification.

If you live in a northern climate where walking outside might be dangerous in the winter due to slippery conditions, most malls welcome exercising walkers. If walking is not your thing, consider becoming a member of the local gym. There are typically many cardio options such as bikes, elliptical machines, stair stepping machines, treadmills, etc. In addition, most gyms offer weight machines, free weights, balls, etc. Most gyms also offer classes such as spin classes, aerobics classes, and more.

If you have to chose between cardio and resistance, the science shows that you will burn more fat with in the long run with resistance exercise, especially if you do large compound movements that work large muscles in groups, spiking your heart rate. This high-intensity approach will boost your metabolism for over 48 hours. So doing both  Revitaa pro resistance and aerobic exercise is best, but rest assured that a simple 150 minute a week walking program along with a scientifically-based detox diet weight loss plan will work

If you just can’t seem to go it alone, an investment in a personal trainer may be worth your while as you try to achieve some healthy fat burning. Though personal trainers may seem expensive, they can often prevent injuries by making sure you use the proper form.

I know that an injury may be a far-off thought for you right now, but trust me, an injury can really set back your weight loss and belly fat reducing goals dramatically. Imagine not being able to exercise at all! Rather than exerting maximal effort, the better choice is to dial it back a bit to prevent injury. Train don’t Strain is the watchword.

I like my personal trainers to have a “touch of grey” if you know what I mean. This increases the likelihood that they have dealt with their own training injuries. Personal experience with injuries makes for a wiser personal trainer who can better at help you avoid injury that can stop your weight loss progress.

Diet Pills Are Crap

You know from reading my diet pills article than 99.99% of the diet pills out there are pure crap! The only diet pills that actually work without a rebound effect are ones that nourish the detoxification pathways of the body, so the liver gets decongested and fat is burned faster. You will see a lot of other benefits too, digestion improving, skin and eyes getting clearer, rashes and skin conditions spontaneously clearing up, and aches and pains going away. The best side effect of including detox nutrition in your fat-burning plan is this: When you are toxic, your body retains a lot of water. When you detox and diet at the same time, you lose that extra water weight quickly, without dehydrating yourself, accelerating your slimming and weight loss. In this case, the water loss is healthy, because it is not from using diuretic diets pills, but occurring naturally from having healthier, less-toxic cells.

Fad Detox Diets Increase Toxicity and Impair Fat Burning

Fasting on only fruit, the “Master Cleanse”, the “Popcorn Diet” and other unhealthy fad detox diets really all fall down for two reasons:

First, your body needs a wide range of nutrients to be able to detoxify and excrete toxins. When you are on a super restricted mono diet or fad like the Master Cleanse, you actually impair the detoxification process, impeding your fat burning!

Second, toxins and their toxic metabolites circulate in the body and get redeposited in the tissues causing toxicity headaches and flu-like symptoms. Unknowning consumers of the fad detox diets frequently assume that their headaches, body-aches, and runny noses are a sign that their fad diet is working; but in fact this indicates that they are missing critical nutritional substrates for proper detox.

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