Dry foods are those that have had the moisture completely removed from them. These include vegetables, fruits, legumes and other dried foods. Dried meats are also considered as dried foods. This type of drying is called extrusion drying. Other types of drying include air-flow drying and oven drying.

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Food dehydrating is a process of food preservation where food is dried by taking away all its water. Drying slows down the development of molds, yeasts and bacteria through the elimination of water at various temperatures. The most commonly used medium for this process is the oven or the direct air heat. There are many different ways of drying foods soft dried papaya.

Oven dehydrating: Most household kitchen ovens can be used for this kind of dehydrating foods. The foods are placed on the top rack of the oven. After baking, remove them and store in airtight containers. The foods are not allowed to cook below the moisture line. Foods that are frequently used in Mexican dishes, such as tortillas and chorizo can be made into tortilla chips using ovens that are specially designed for Mexican dishes.

Dehydrators: There are modern day dehydrators that work by using the principles of condensation. They take out all the water content in dried fruits, vegetables or other foods. After removing the water content, it is left to dry naturally. Vegetables, dried fruits and other dried foods can be placed in the dehydrators. After a few days, the foods are ready to be eaten. This is different from oven dehydration in which the food has to be taken out of the oven before it is cooked.

Dehydrators also come with different settings so that the different textures of dried foods can be achieved. When you use dehydrated snacks for example, the snack will have a firmer texture, more like the texture of hard apple. Hard apples are easier to chew, have a longer shelf life and retain more nutrients than softer apples and bananas. Nutrients lost during cooking are returned during storage. This allows you to have fresher stored snacks throughout the day.

Store bought dehydrated foods do not retain vitamins, the way that fresh ones do. This means that store bought vitamins are not as beneficial as fresh vitamin c snacks after a few days. When using store bought dried fruits, vegetables and snacks, make sure that you use them within two days. Vitamins like vitamin c are destroyed by heat. Dehydrators allow the vitamins to retain much of their potency and therefore are more beneficial than store bought versions when it comes to storing vitamins.

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