Leather belts were primarily used for functional reasons only, or as an alternative to the heavier but more dangerous steel necklaces. Today’s fashion conscious women want fashion and convenience rolled into one, and that is what these belts give. The versatility of this small accessory has allowed it to find a place on every woman’s wardrobe. From casual daytime loafers to elegant evening belts, they can be used with everything from pants to dresses and skirts. Here are five top leather-belt styles to consider for spring and summer fashions:

Versatile Reversible Scritto Leather Belt - 35 mm - Berluti

o Fashion Kaleidoscope. This sleek, modern belt features curved buckle patterns set off by a shiny black metal square at the end of the belt. The front of the Kaleidoscope features open rows of fabric just below the metal ring, while the backside of the belt features a smooth leather loop. The belt loops easily convert to a waistline tie, and the material stretches to accommodate a growing belly. These belts make a great everyday style.

o Formal Buckle. As the name suggests giay ca sau, formal belts are designed for use in formal occasions. The looped belt can be worn with a button down shirt or blouse, and is perfect for those long, elaborate weddings. A formal belt that incorporates the right amount of height will allow a full-length dress to look classic and understated. For this season, look for belts that feature a wide, rounded shape and that have a slightly taller buckle to add height to the piece.

o Utility Belt. An everyday belt that can also double as a waist cincher is the utility belt. Utility belts are designed to be worn around the waist, and can have a variety of uses including holding pants up, securing skirts or pants, or as a functional backup to pants or t-shirts. These versatile belts offer several opportunities to express yourself, and are a good option for both fashion and function.

o Drawstring Leash. The drawstring leash offers a lightweight option for wearing with leather trousers, jeans, jackets, dresses, and skirts. These belts are often worn over pants to cinch them, and will work best when they are worn on thick leather or dark colors. The drawstring also makes it easy to adjust to your shape and helps to keep items in place on your waist. This type of belt is typically worn outside of the summer months, as they will become moistened and won’t stay in place if you are outside for long periods of time.

o Frame Style Buckle. Leather frames that incorporate a full mid-section to the belt itself offer a classic look that never goes out of style. There are several different frame styles to choose from, including traditional side-by-side, full-length, and full-around. These options provide a stylish alternative to more traditionally styled formal belts. These frames are most commonly worn with dress pants, jeans, or flared pants, but can be worn with any type of pants.

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