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How To Choose A Subject For Your Article Or Blog

When you want to write quality articles and blogs you often need a really good title to engage with your reader, because the headline is the first thing they are going to see and is often one of the biggest catches that will make them want to read more.

Below, we take a look at some of our ideas when it comes to finding new subjects and titles for your latest articles or blogs.

Research – One of the best ways to get some titles for your blog and article needs is to check out what others have done previously and then take some ideas from this.

Although you should never copy someone’s work, you can gain some inspiration from what they have written and put a different slant on it For example, if someone has written ten reasons why you should use… you could always write about ten reasons why you shouldn’t use…. so you can get some ideas from other peoples work.

Current Topics – Many of us pick our ideas and get our inspiration from things that are currently happening in our industry or related to our industry. For example, when the latest hacking scandal hits the news, why not write a blog or article about computer / server security or how to avoid your website from being hacked and the preventative measures you can take. Check out industry related blogs, general news sites and RSS feeds to really make sure you have your finger on the pulse and are ready to write away.

Knowledge – Most people tend to concentrate on one industry, area or niche when it comes to writing articles and blogs, rather than trying to cover a million and one subjects, so you should be able to draw on your own industry related experience. In your line of work, you will be doing things every single day that you can turn into articles, including practical ideas and tips that end up making great reading for your followers.

Often I find online marketers recommending “guest blogging” as a way to get your name out there, and expose your name and expertise to additional groups and other networks of people and potential buyers all in hopes that your name will be referred to others, thus expanding your breadth of coverage. In theory this is a smart idea, and yet, perhaps we might want to look at all the negatives to this strategy and not just all the obvious benefits. Let’s talk.

Now then, one word of caution on this, you see, many folks will attempt to exploit your celebrity status or expert status in the industry to sell their trinkets online. Not all internet marketers are legitimate, many are scoundrels, thus, be very weary of whom you associate. Even those who appear to be legitimate now, two weeks from now they may turn to the dark side, meanwhile your guest post is still there, and your name associated with them. Beware, do your homework, never assume everyone is as honest and forthright as you are. There are a rather high percentage of internet scoundrels out there, so “Trust but verify” before you do that guest post.

Also remember that if you do a guest blog on someone else’s site, you have no control over the comments. In fact, the owner of the blog site may wish to stir up controversy, and therefore, allow derogatory comments to remain, and even later put in their own comments siding with a mean-spirited commenter against your view points. Some might say that all news is good news and all exposure is good because it can help your notoriety, but in some cases it can end up trashing your reputation and those guest blogs may show up higher in the search engines than your other material with your name on it.

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