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How To Choose The Best Type Of Drugs To Make You Last Longer In Bed

Ever since Viagra® was released on the market, pharmaceutical companies has been rushing out to release similar or better drugs. Viagra® has made billions of dollars for it’s parent company. Sales figures has shown that the drug accounts for half the overall erectile dysfuction pills. If you ask anyone on the planet, it will hard press to know someone who hasn’t yet heard of Viagra®.

The two new drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction are : Cialis® and Levitra®. These drugs act in a similar way to Viagra® because they block the PDE5 enzyme levitra generique avis. In layman term’s this mean it helps to relax the blood vessels and therefore increases blood circulation to the penis.

Since each of these drugs uses different chemicals to block PDE5, they will develop different side effects. That is:

  • Viagra® users may get cyanopsia, a user may complain that everything they see it blue.
  • In approximately five per cent of patients, Cialis® users may complain of muscle aches. Muscle aches and back pain can occur for about twelve to twenty four hours after consumption. Eventually the symptoms would disappear after two days. Cialis® also have a longer half-life. It stays in the bloodstream for around seventeen hours whereas, Viagra® and Levitra® only stays in the circulation system for four hours.

Each drug has it’s own benefits and side effects. Make sure you talk to your general practitioner on choosing the right drug for you. Also, avoid buying these medication from unknown places such as the Internet because there is a possibility that it is a counterfeit and may contain dangerous impurities.

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