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How To Do Free Marketing Of Your Website

It often happens that you are into the world wide web market with your unique product(s), but very few people notice it. Although you think that your product is so good that it doesn’t need marketing, but still you got to let people know about like backpage your product. Even for the word of mouth to spread like wild-fire you need at least a few people to know about your product. So in this article I am going to show you how you can start marketing your product(s) even if it’s only to a selected few who are going to spread the good words about your product(s) to the others. Bear in mind that however that the more marketing you do for your product(s) it is good for you, because then you will get more people to see your product(s) and more people will realize the value of your product(s) and that in the end means more sales for you. A good place to start your marketing is craiglist where you can list your products and get people to see it.

Craiglist is a very successful website from where you can get massive volume of traffic. It’s a very popular and massive traffic generating website. Like craiglist you also have other websites which are also equally good like, which is also as good as craiglist. Then you can go to the free advertising forums and post their about your product(s). You can send out a press release every three months about your product(s), if you are lucky and your press release goes into Google or Yahoo news then you get unlimited amount of traffic. There are thousands of free classified advertisements sites where you can post your product(s) and opportunities and draw a lot of traffic. You can automate this process of submitting to the classified sites by getting a auto submitter tool. Just search in Google and get one for yourself that suits you best. After that go for the FFA sites.

Again apply the same principle here, get yourself a free submitting tool and use it once in a week or two to submit to the FFA sites for free. You can also go for free PPC advertisements. There are plenty of sites on the web which allow you to do free PPC. They will offer you an initial amount of money in free just get you started with them. Go for them and get some PPC traffic to your site. Just search Google again and get free account with some amount of free money in them awarded by these sites to get your site started with PPC advertisements. Not to mention you should also be doing search engine submissions for your site to start off with.These are the ways which should give you a good head start. But remember that the more you advertise the more is the chance to get more traffic generating more sales for you.

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