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How To Drive Traffic With A Blog

than regular static sites. Although a blog is really just a fancy word for a content management system, therefore it is just a regular site with enhanced and easy editing, a blog has a sense of urgency and “newness.” People read blogs because there is a general feeling that the information posted is more current compared to static sites.

This is true when the blogger is very regular with new material and gives people a reason to tune in frequently.

Promoting a blog, I have found, is far easier than promoting a regular website for many reasons.

Because you can create “news” on your blog at the drop of a hat, you can create buzz Sherry Dyson. Buzz is infectious, produces links from “buzzed” website owners looking to present their visitors with a buzz, and gets you attention that is harder to acquire for regular sites.

As a direct sales consultant, your hands are often tied when it comes to building your direct sales business online. Oh, yes ~ you can post ads in groups and forum BUT a direct sales blog is one of the most effective ways to attract new customers and recruits. Starting your own direct sales blog doesn’t have to be intimidating! You will find that you are creating a strong online presence while honing your writing skills with your own direct sales blog.

A direct sales blog is a creative and effective way to promote yourself as an expert within your niche. You can use your blog to attract new customers, keep current customers informed about your products and specials on your website. People want to buy from people they know. A blog for your home based business is one way to build credibility and connect with readers in a way that simply advertising cannot do!

What do you put on your blog?

Write about yourself, your business, your family and SHARE information about what you offer. Through casual talking (or writing in this instance) you can share what you’ve learned and what is happening with your company. You can post news releases and specials. You can also write reviews of different products and who might need the products you are reviewing.

The key to having a business blog that works is learning to write with the customer and reader in mind.

Offer information. Offer advice. Ask for feedback. Encourage readers to post comments. If you have internet advertising restrictions for your direct sales company, a blog that offers advice on how to create dramatic candle displays or how to live a toxic free lifestyle will get visitors targeted to your business without crossing any lines with your corporate restrictions.

A direct sales blog is perfect for the consultant that has only a company website to promote. Don’t think of it as a place to “advertise” but think of it as a way to display your expertise, your humor and even your professional image so people will seek you out to help solve their problems.

Are you blogging? Not yet? You must have been living somewhere out of this world! It seems almost everyone on earth is blogging now! Everybody is eager to get involved in this latest frenzy.

They say recent researches show there are well over 18 million weblogs (blogs) on the Internet currently and 40,000 new blogs are being added to this number every day, which indicates there would be more blogs than the websites in the near future.

There may be many reasons why weblogs are so popular lately. Perhaps people need to express themselves informally, telling like minded people what they think, what they feel. One other reason for the popularity of blogging is, it’s so easy to access weblogs in any category on the Web today.

Until blogs started popping up from every direction all over the Internet it had not been so easy for people to express themselves in such an informal way to a target audience on the Internet. Many blogs have daily visitors because it is not difficult for people to access blogs to express themselves, write about their own businesses informally.

Now, you even don’t need to own a computer to access blogs; you can enter any blog on the Web from a computer in a public library or at an Internet cafĂ©. Blogging is so easy and simple today.

When blogging you can learn many useful things on the subjects you are interested in. You can find out what is going on in almost every category you can imagine from people who write their thoughts and feelings freely and informally in blogs.

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