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International Competence of Chinese High Tech Enterprise

The internationalization of Chinese high-tech enterprises has become a focal point of attention in the business world. Some of the forerunners of internationalization such as TCL and Lenovo chose the Mergers and Acquisition Model as their way to internationalize their businesses. But, TCL failed in its attempt at internationalization and others who chose this model are experiencing a variety of obstacles and problems. On the other hand, other enterprises such as HUAWEI Communications and HAIER chose an Independent Model as their method to develop the international market. They started by building their own international brand depending only on their own powers of innovation and creation. Although it has been difficult, great achievements have been accomplished by these enterprises.

These experiences show that different kind of Model chosen for internationalization needs different ability to deal with the problems appear during the implementation. Enhancing the competence for Chinese high-tech enterprises is the foundation to internationalize. When Chinese high-tech enterprises internationalize, they have to compete with more experienced multinational corporations pii_email_8953fcff2f2c1d49fbad.. Chinese high-tech enterprises have not yet developed the competence in innovation and creation necessary to compete with multinational corporations and that is the main reason for the failure. Building a competent system for innovation and creation is fundamental for any Chinese high-tech enterprise that wishes to compete internationally.

We present nine components and seven safeguards necessary for the development of a competent system for internationalization. The research used in this article originates from the formation of the international competence system of Chinese high-tech enterprises, combines the correlated research of the enterprise competence and enterprise internationalization theories and systematically studies the conception and formation mechanisms of enterprise internationalization. We use this information to analyze the present situation and problems faced by the forerunners of Chinese high-tech enterprises who internationalized and present a discussion of the competencies necessary at the different stages of internationalization. We attempts to build a basic framework and present safeguards for a Chinese high-tech enterprise to explore and develop strategies for successful globalization of their business. We present the main components for the development of a competent system: Strategies necessary for the building of strong internal competencies needed by any high-tech enterprise to successfully compete internationally. Only the right strategies can guide the way forward.

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