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Internet Marketing Strategy: Increasing Conversions

We’re all concerned with generating traffic for our site/s. The more people actually know of our existence, the better it is for us. Heck, without a kickass advertising campaign that gets people to our landing pages, we might as well be dead. The Internet is an infinite marketplace that one of the first strategies we need to learn is how to get our site out there so everyone knows it exists.

But traffic volume isn’t everything. You may have all the traffic in the world, but if no one buys anything from you, then you might as well just be dead too. More important than traffic generation is conversion sims 3 + all expansions kickass. Are you doing enough to get people to buy your product?

If you’re getting loads of traffic but are not converting as well as you think you should, then perhaps it’s time for a little adjustment. Perhaps you’re not giving them enough reason to snag your offers. The words “because,” “since,” or “for the reason that” can be a very powerful tools in persuading potential customers kiskass Wikipedia. Not only does it get them to listen to you, it is key to increasing your conversion rate.

We see advertisements that urge customers to patronize their services with such lame lines as: “Because we’re the best” or “Quality guaranteed” or “No one else comes close.” C’mon, folks, get real! Do you honestly think that customers are going to be drawn to you with such flimsy one-liners? Give them a reason, man, and a damn good one at that! What makes you the best? How do you guarantee quality? Why does no one else come close?

How much sales you’re going to make, how far your business is going to grow and how much your bottomline is going to increase all depends on your ability to persuade your audience that your product or service is worth buying. And you can’t persuade your customers if you don’t give them a reason why. If you’re just going to tell them to prove that you’re the best by trying out your product, well, you’re going to be in for some nasty surprise. Who would want to part with their hard-earned dollars without any good reason in the first place? “Our name of product is scientifically proven by 9 out of 10 experts in the field” is an example of a statement that holds the powerful reason of authority. It’s way better than simply saying “we’re the best.”

Conversion rates. They can be such a pain, can’t they? They’re very complicated to achieve unless you’ve got everything just right. Getting people to visit your site only takes an attention-grabbing headline, and they’re off! Unfortunately, traffic generation is not the issue. Conversion rate is.

How many people actually patronize your site through a purchase? That’s how to contextualize your conversions. If you’re simply driving people to your site without converting them, then you’re totally missing the point. Hell, without a decent conversion rate, you can’t hope to stay long in the biz.

How do you get kickass conversion rates? One of the most obvious ways is through killer sales copy. You can’t be there to personally convince your customers to buy your product. The sales copy that you make should stand for you. It must explain in clear and unequivocal language why customers should buy your offers. If you can’t convey this message through, you can’t expect a high conversion rate.

If you’ve checked and determined that nothing is wrong with your sales copy, then look at your website. Maybe it doesn’t look appealing at all. Maybe the crucial points are placed so far down that users have to scroll all the way down and eventually lose interest. Perhaps the ordering process is too much of a hassle. Or maybe your sales offers are spread out all over the place. Because we read from left to right, up to down, it’s best to put your most powerful sales proposition in the upper left hand page of your website so that it easily gets noticed.

Let’s say you are getting a decent conversion rate of 4% to 6%. This isn’t a bad thing, believe me, if you’re into online marketing. That means you’re converting quite nicely. But how do you improve it in such a way that you get the unconverted to convert? Wouldn’t this do wonders for your bottomline if you could find a way for those who bounce away from your initial offers to come right back in? That would be one helluva piece of work.

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