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Is the Women’s Purse That You Bought Authentic? 7 Tips

Did you just purchased a designer women’s purse and now all of a sudden you are questioning if it is really authentic? Then you are in the right place to be. It is well known that there are many regular stores or online stores that sell replica or inspired by products and many of them claim that their products are authentic.

Here are the 7 authenticity tips to follow:

1. Authenticity Card (all 100% authentic products come with their authenticity cards from the manufacturer). Is your authentic women’s purse missing one? It could be the first sign that something is not right. Check the following tips.

2. Serial Number (Most of the manufacturers small satchel purse use serial numbers. Check if you can find one. If not go through the other tips and if all criteria are fulfilled then you picked a bag which manufacturer that does not provide a serial number).

3. High Quality Material (Just by looking at and touching your new piece, you should be able to tell if the bag is from high quality materials or if the leather feels very thin and cheap).

4. Stitching (Another very effective way to check the authenticity is the stitching. Authentic designer handbags do not miss any stitches. All stitches are the same size and the color matches the main color of the bag. If your new piece is missing even one stitch, the probability that you just got a high end replica is very high).

5. Hardware (Most of the world’s famous designers protect their hardware with plastic covers to ensure no scratches during shipping. Don’t forget to check if there are no discolorations on the hardware. Hardware should be quality weight pieces only. Any brand should be engraved on the hardware and not just printed on the bag).

6. Price (The price should also give you a hint if the discount bag is authentic or not. You can get absolutely amazing deals online but the price will still be much higher for the authentic bag than you would pay for a replica, knockoff or inspired by products. Keep in mind that you are buying a high quality product

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