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Mud Flaps, Splash Aprons, Splash or Mud Guards – What is the Difference?

Call them what you want, mud flaps, splash aprons, splash or mud guards, the piece of material that is attached to the wheel well and sole purpose is to defray and minimize the spray or splash of water, mud, snow, rocks. Pickup Trucks, Sport Utility Vehicles, Suburban, Jeep, Tahoe, Expedition, Explorer are examples of what type of vehicles commonly upgrade to aftermarket splash guards. The difference of names for the same product comes mainly from regional differences. In the West, mud flaps are most common. Splash or Mud Guards are terms used in the Midwest and Splash Aprons are common in the East .

Everyday, dealers throughout the United States sell brand new pickup trucks, sport utility vehicles and vans that are not properly equipped with flaps 먹튀. Driving in rain, snow, mud even dirt without protection can cause damage to your new vehicle or to those driving behind you. Many people view mud flaps to be unnecessary or may get in the way while 4x4ing. For many, this is just an excuse not to shop for them because of the confusion between the names for the product.

More importantly than what you may call them, are the materials used between the different automotive manufacturers clearly defines the difference between the types of splash guards available today. Many mass produced and OEM mud flaps are typically made from a high tech plastic, contoured and cover a minimal area of the tire. This type of mud flap is subject to breakage in extreme temperatures and doesn’t offer much anti-spray protection. All- rubber splash guards offer more flexibility but tend to sail up, defeating the purpose. All metal, usually stainless steel, are prone bending or being easily dented. At this point, you’ll probably asking yourself why isn’t there a better mud flap available?

The most resistant, functional and stylish mud flaps on the market today are UltimateFlap, made with a high tech poly-based, extreme temperature tested, material with a built-in pattern to give additional spray defection protection. Stainless steel weights and galvanized steel brackets reinforce the UltimateFlap from swaying or sailing up. This small manufacturer in North Idaho uses all U.S. crafted materials to custom make their premium product. Engineered and designed for function and durability, Ultimate Flaps are road tested and have a 100% customer satisfaction record. UltimateFlaps are also guaranteed not to break, chip or rust and are backed with a lifetime warranty.

When you outfit your vehicle with front and rear Ultimate Mud Flaps you will have ultimate protection against rocks, mud, snow, rain and debris hitting your vehicle. UltimateFlaps will complement your vehicle’s clean line and offer a tailored finish look. With UltimateFlaps on your vehicle, cars that are behind you will benefit from less debris and splash as you travel down the road. Drivers behind you will thank you and your vehicle will stay cleaner too thanks to the mud flap.

The only name to remember when you’re looking for Mud Flaps, Splash or Mud Guards, or any type of Anti-Splash protection for your pickup truck, sport utility, van or Jeep is UltimateFlap, Made with 100% United States quality materials and backed with a lifetime guarantee, Ultimate Mud Flaps are built to outlast your vehicle.

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