Good day to you all reading my blog posts. Today I thought I should share principle success quotes which I live by; I hope you’ll find them interesting and useful to your own life.

1. Success will always bring money and wealth in your life – but having money and wealth doesn’t always mean you are successful.

2. Success does not happen overnight, neither is it a quick fix program; success is a school in which the student must be willing to learn.

3. The life of success is the life of a 家庭輔導服務 master; master thyself; master thy market and master thy people.

4. Wisdom is to surround yourself with people that are smarter than yourself – and success is to know how to leverage this wisdom in these people.

5. Success is a measure of what you have achieved compared against what you are capable of achieving; not what your friend has achieved compared against what you have achieved – success is competition with yourself not with others.

6. Success is knowing what to do and when to do it – it is both doing things right and doing right things.

7. If the way to the mountain top was as smooth as glass, no one would make it there; friction is necessary for your mountain-top experience.

8. As diamonds under intense heat and pressure are created in the heart of the earth, so is the birth of a truly successful life.

9. Water always flows down-hill, but true success flows up-hill. The path of least resistance is what makes most rivers crooked.

10. Leadership and management are the twin brothers of success. The success of any project demands implementing the correct leadership style and the proper management of the process.

11. Just as cream rises to the top, success makes you rise to the top.

12. There’s no success outside your purpose – The universe lines up to favor a man whose focus is on fulfilling his life’s purpose.

13. A mindset of success gives you preferential treatment in life.

14. Everything that is ever going to happen to you, whether success or failure, is entirely dependent on you. No one cares but you.

15. All successful people have one thing in common; they know what they want to achieve and they write it down as their goals. Yes!! Write your goals down!! I repeat, write them down.

16. Ignorance is the only disability a man can successfully have, and this is a disability of choice. You are disabled only if you choose to.

17. If you do not sell anything, you’ll always be poor – success is the ability to produce value that someone else needs.

18. Success and failure are both in your tongue, and your tongue is ruled by your mind. The value of your life is wholly dependent on the value of your mind – invest in it.

19. You are not poor because you do not have money; you do not have money because you are poor.

20. Do not despise and ignore your ideas; if everyone treated their ideas that way, the world would never have known civilization. If you keep ignoring your small ideas, you deserve to die a poor man.

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