Online survey tools are software tools which give the capability to generate, execute and interpret different kinds of online surveys either on the user’s websites in emails or even on third-party hosted web sites. Most of these online surveying tools work on a closed-source SaaS model making them extremely convenient for all kinds of internet-based users. However, it is very important to ensure that you are dealing with a reliable online survey tool provider. The features and benefits of this kind of software tool are endless; however, just like any other software tool, it is equally necessary to choose the right online survey tool for your intended use.

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One important thing to consider before selecting an online survey tool is the number of paid surveys available to be filled out by the user. If a user finds the set up of these surveys tedious then he/she should choose one that offers less surveys in the same manner. Usually, these online survey tools offer several varieties of surveys to be filled out. So it is very important to check if the surveys will be subdivided according to the kind of company or product or the kind of consumer respondents selected by the user. For instance, a financial company can organize the surveys in the form of focus groups to the customer care segment can organize the focus group surveys and focus group questions on health surveys.

The best online survey tool would provide an interface allowing the user to customize the survey and to save time and effort. Some of the user-friendly features that come along with the software tools include; sifting of results based on geography, age bracket, gender, educational qualifications, industry vertical and many others. There are also some tools that offer the option to switch between different surveys and the report has the potential to be shared with various parties. In fact, some of the reputed surveys firms have started offering the pro version of their sogosurvey tool to the end users for evaluation purposes cong ty nghien cuu thi truong.

One of the most important features that the best online survey tool provides is the branch option. In fact, it is the feature that majority of the users ignore and do not utilize fully. The ability of the survey to branch off into other questions and offer the user another variety of options would help the user to organize the information better and get more value for the money spent. Apart from this, there are some online tools that provide the option of skip logic and/or multiple answers. It has been observed that some users tend to fill in the skip logic option without comprehending the logic involved thereby making the task even more time consuming.

It is vital to note that the best online surveys provide the option of selecting a specific target audience group for which the questionnaire is being created. In case the user does not know the group of target audiences, he will certainly fail to produce a survey that has the desired response from the right audience. Therefore, most of the reputed paid versions of these online surveys tools provide the user with the facility of excluding or Including some respondents for better targeting. Another important feature is the branch option which helps the users to select a segment of the audience. This segment can be further segmented according to the age group, gender, geographical location and many other parameters.

Some of the other key benefits provided by the online survey software include the ability to create pivot tables and the creation of response polls in a manner very similar to the questionnaire used for the research process. It is very important to point out here that some of the survey software vendors provide two types of questionnaire in the form of the web-based user questionnaires and the questionpro. The benefit of using the web-based questionnaire is that it makes it very easy for the survey takers to complete the task of completing the questionnaire from the comfort of their home. The web-based questionnaires are more suitable for smaller surveys.

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