The overwhelming importance of computer-based training is further accentuated by the growing demand for skilled computer professionals. The result – a proliferation of vendors providing quality computer based training. These computer based training vendors train on a variety of computer application, certification and core IT skill courses. A few of the leading computer based training vendors are discussed in the next paragraphs.

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NETg is software developed by Thomson Learning Company that facilitates self-study through its courses on multi media presentations. ThomsonNETg is a worldwide leader in computer-based training with an impressive list of corporate clients that helps businesses and institutions to create learning programs, which influence directly employee and student performance. NETg is a regular feature in many universities. The specialty of NETg is that it has training modules to cater to industry specific needs Email Extractor Software.

Learnkey is a top rung computer based training vendor that brings software training to your pc. Learnkey helps the end user to be proficient in the use of critical software and related technology. Beginning from schools to business organizations, Learnkey is present in many places providing key to learning latest software operations. Learnkey is a Microsoft Certified Partner (MCP) that offers certifications such as Microsoft MCSA, MCSE, Exchange, and SQL with interactive courseware.

CBT nuggets is another vendor that specializes in imparting computer-based training in videos of 30 minutes duration. Now CBT nuggets offers all its videos in a snap server called Nugget Archive Server (NAS) that can be connected to a network and used in minutes.

Career Academy uses CD-ROMs and round the clocks online service to help clients get computer-based training. Career Academy offers one on one interaction with the professors for uninterrupted guidance.

CBT direct is a certified partner of Microsoft and oracle for computer-based training. CBT direct offers IT, business and medical field related specific training. Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, CIW and APlus certification training are given by CBT direct. Apart from providing training, CBT direct has scholarships for meritorious candidates.

CBT systems is now known as Skillsoft deals with corporate computer based training like NETg. CBT systems is a leading name in enterprise e learning.

While all the CBT vendors deal in training in all existing computer subjects, their method of training and field of specialization differs from one another. NETg’s core competency is corporate and university training, where as Learnkey covers schools too. Before deciding on a particular vendor one need to keep in mind their individual needs and compare with the training service provided by the particular vendors by visiting their websites and contacting them.

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