It’s estimated that in the UK every 12 – 18 months mobile phones are upgraded or replaced for a better model whether the old one is working or not. The old mobiles are then either thrown in the bin where they will most likely end up rotting away at landfill sites around Britain. Recent research suggests that it could take as long as thousands of years for an old mobile and its battery inside to fully break down.

Whilst at landfill mobile handsets leach dangerous chemicals from the parts and the battery inside, this in turn can end up polluting our soil or even water supplies. It’s estimated that one mobile phone that is incorrectly disposed of and ends up in water 二手手機回收 could pollute as much as six hundred thousand litre.

New government legislation has recently been introduced in the UK that states that it is now an offence to thrown an old electronic device in the dustbin. They should be taken down to local recycling centres, donated to charities, reused or recycled on one of the many mobile recycling sites.

Many mobile recycling sites now allow users to not only dispose of old mobile phones correctly but also games consoles, MP3 players and digital cameras. Larger electronic devices such as TVs and home appliances should be taken to council recycling centres for safe disposal. Mobile recycling sites are easy to use and many will pay consumers in either cash or shopping vouchers for sending in their old mobile phones. Once received they are either reused, the parts inside recycled to make future handsets or sent to developing countries where mobile phones are not affordable by most of the population.

Awareness of mobile phone recycling has recently been raised in the UK due to government pressure to hit recycling targets set by the EU and also because of the amount of TV adverts and other coverage telling people how important it is to dispose of old mobile phones correctly. Increased awareness is definitely still needed to ensure every person knows exactly how to recycle when they come to upgrade or their old mobile reaches the end of its life.

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