When your dog or cat gets sprayed by a skunk, there is no time to waste on products or home remedies that don’t work. Many people have ideas or have heard stories about products that work. But when you need real, fast skunk odor removal, you don’t have time to waste on things that will not be effective helpingtutor.com/.

No doubt you have heard that tomato juice is what you should use to remove skunk smell from pets. Tomato juice is not the answer. When you treat your pet with tomato juice, you may think that the skunk smell is gone. But if you were to ask someone else to come over to you and your pet, they will tell you that they smell a skunk dipped in tomato juice! The reason for this is that tomato juice has a strong smell. When you are washing your dog in it, it is all you can smell. Don’t be fooled. The skunk smell is still there and will come back Dog Waste Removal Michigan.

Another thing that people sometimes use is vinegar. If your dog or cat has been bitten or scratched, it may sting. It will also do nothing more than to mask the odor.

Shampooing your pet, whether with human or pet shampoo, will not work. It is simply not strong enough and not made to remove skunk odor networkermind.com/.

Skunk odor removal is something we all hope we will never have to worry about. If, for some reason, you find yourself faced with this situation, don’t waste time on remedies that don’t work.

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