Optimal health is directly related to how efficiently our bodies balance our blood sugar levels, and how we help our bodies by supplying food which is easy to cope with. Extremely high blood or extremely low blood sugar levels have corresponding effects and are both detrimental to a person’s overall health condition.

Consistently high blood sugar levels should be avoided otherwise the systems regulating hormones become exhausted and cease to function effectively. One very common health condition that is brought about by elevated levels of blood sugar is diabetes. Unfortunately most people only find out these all-important facts about balancing blood sugar after it is too late. They are only left with the option of maintaining the condition as best they can. There are several things that diabetics can do to help their situation but their main goal should be to eat Blood balance foods which require little balancing intervention by the body.

On the other hand, low blood sugar levels are experienced because of a deficient food intake, too much exhausting exercise, or a genetic pre-disposition and/or hormone dysfunctions.

Listening to what your body needs can be very helpful in keeping yourself healthy. That’s why it’s very important that you know the early warning signs. To instantaneously reverse the early indicators of low levels of blood sugar, eating a small amount of honey or similar sugar will buffer the problems, but immediately afterwards you need to eat correctly, in order to properly correct the condition.

But what are the initial indicators or warning signs of low blood sugar levels?

Below is a list of the most common symptoms.

1. Headache – low sugar levels in your bloodstream can cause headaches. Headaches are probably the least severe symptom. If you are aware that you have neglected your food intake for too long, and your headache is not explainable by any other factors, it is best to start eating properly and begin looking after your health more, otherwise more serious symptoms could ensue.

2. Mood swings – low sugar levels in the bloodstream can cause you to be cranky for no apparent reason. If blood glucose levels do fall to a low level and you don’t do anything about it, then you may experience being irritable even over the smallest of things. If being cranky is not who you really are, maybe it’s time you paid more attention to eating correctly. Allowing your mood to suffer because you have neglected to eat properly is ludicrous, and probably only requires you to be more honest with yourself, and look after yourself more.

3. Numbness and tingling – these are experienced by people who have declining glucose levels in their bloodstreams. You may feel weird sensations on your face, lips, and your limbs when a sudden drop in glucose happens in your bloodstream. Take the necessary precautions immediately these symptoms occur.

4. Shakes – have you ever experienced being drunk? Then you can already imagine what extremely low blood sugar levels can do to you. When your glucose is extremely low, you will feel woozy. Because it can cause light headedness, you will feel detached from your immediate surroundings, and will look as if you are dazed.

5. Seizures – when blood sugar levels become dangerously low it can cause you to have seizures and black-outs. You can become unconscious. Also, if left untreated and in its most extreme form, low blood sugar levels may even be fatal, so a recurring bout of losing consciousness should be treated immediately.

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