There are many different ways to treat acne, and because of the number of people around the world that experience this awful skin condition, there is a constantly growing market for it. Two of the most commonly known treatments that have been proven to be effective are called phototherapy and something called “Zen Med Derma Cleansing System”.

Phototherapy, otherwise known as “light therapy”, is a very new technology and just recently did it get approval from the FDA. This is a type of treatment Derma Prime Plus that utilizes the power of UV (ultra-violet) rays and fluorescent lights in order to remove a layer of infected skin to get the acne where it flourishes.

The other form of light treatment besides blue light therapy is called Clear Light, which is a variant of the previously mentioned blue light method which also uses special lighting and laser in order to get the spots on the skin with acne on them. Phototherapy, when used several times a week has been shown to produce results in those who suffer form acne in up to sixty percent of cases.

The derma cleansing method is a procedure that is separated into three steps. The first step entails capsules, the second a cleansing agent, and the third a type of gel. This is a method used to both treat acne in current sufferers and also to prevent outbreaks in those who have not experienced acne yet.

Both of these methods have been proven to be highly effective and they are a growing choice for acne-sufferers around the world. Although they can be on the pricey side, they are highly effective, even more so than regular over-the-counter medications. But before you opt for one type of treatment or another, remember to ask your dermatologist first.

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