Cherries are one of the most popular fruits in the world. Everybody love their taste, and they are so versatile to use in the kitchen or eat right out bag when they are in season. Of course in recent years, nutritionist have found out they not only taste great, but are good for you as well. Cherries are full of vitamin C and anthocyanins, making them perfect for fighting many health problems. Today we are going to be discussing the topic of cherries and gout.

Montmorency tart cherry juice lowered blood pressure and LDL cholesterol in  older adults | EurekAlert! Science News

Gout is a very painful form of arthritis that occurs when there is too much uric acid in your body. When your body overproduces uric acid, sharp crystals can form in your joints. They can form in any joint but the joint that is usually most effected in gout is the big toe. Once the big toe is inflamed many people start also having problems in other joints such as ankles, knees, elbows, wrists and fingers. Gout is almost always accompanied by painful swelling, stiffness and heat; the join is usually red in color because of the inflammation.

One who is not a health enthusiast may wonder what cherries and gout have in common. Well, it seems cherries have chemical properties, as do many fruits, that can many times help the body fight many diseases and physical ailment. The best thing about using cherries to aid your body in its battle against various health problems, is it is all natural trĂ¡i cherry.

Although cherries have other substances that are beneficial for your health, the two most important when it comes to gout is its anthocyanin and Vitamin C content.

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient in humans which protects our bodies against oxidative stress and is very essential in the healing of wounds. Bleeding gums, easy bruising and fatigue may be sign of a Vitamin C deficiency. A severe shortage can even cause scurvy. The recommended daily requirement is around 75 to a 100 mg, though many nutritionist recommend higher doses of up to 200 mg for preventive purposes.&

One thing Vitamin C has been found to do that makes it of interest to those reading this article, is its ability to reduce the bodies uric acid levels by as much as fifty percent. This is the very reason the words cherries and gout should be found together. Cherries are filled with this important body nutrient and with its help, the pain of gout could be reduced. Cherries, cherry juice and cherry extract could be especially useful as a preventive measure as well.

As we all know, anthocyanins are also important to our bodies health as a major factor in its fight to rid itself of the free radicals that form during cell oxidation. During a study of anthocyanins in 1999, it was found that 25mg of anthocyanins could help the body eliminate the enzymes that cause the swelling of inflammed tissues. Since this swelling has a lot to do with the pain, this means athocyanins could be a huge aid in pain relief for gout victims. Here we find another reason why cherries and gout are words that should be found together. Cherries have a huge amount of the anthocyanins the body needs to help fight inflammation.

One note that needs to be added here is that even though canned cherries taste utterly delicious in pies and desserts they do lose nutritional value the older they get. So, use those canned cherries for their great taste, but for nutritional purposes fresh cherries, dried cherries, cherry concentrate and cherry juice are the best.

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