The web site of the New Researcher released an account a few months ago that several search engine organisations where registering patents so they are set to use their advertising network on their website, similar to pay-per-click. This in itself proves that the digital signage is an industry to invest in, otherwise they would not be wasting their money.

Checking Out Sony's First Digital Cinema - cineluxe

Seeing that Search engines allows advertisers to find any item they require, they have now decided to use similar technology to sell ads online in the form of digital signage promotions.

Of course, Yahoo is only a few steps behind and is associated with another patent, and it’s also setting up systems at their global server farms to roll out this facility to advertisers in the next 6 months. The patent applied for by Bing is a digital transmission test, and if successful will be one of the best and largest marketing opportunities available throughout the world and will have advertising agencies queuing up to buy advertising spots from them digital cinema.

To be certain, outside the home advertising is a lot of things, and can use standard and digital billboards, it can be used in cinemas and is also portable (eg, shuttle, taxi cab, and so on) Having said that, though, the digital signage industry will require that any marketing service provider can deliver reports that are applicable to their advertising projects.

With the passing time of printed media, comes the digital revolution and here is why digital signage and outdoor digital signage is increasing in popularity. The ease and simplicity of use is another benefit, you can create content and adverts online using free software then drag and drop the content and media on to the storage device this can be as basic as a memory card or an elaborate media player.

Consumers are no longer taking notice of printed posters, but some thing that entertains and makes a potential buyer think about your product is different, if you are not using digital signage now to sell goods, you will in the future.

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