Beyond Duality

The wisdom that Spirit shares too that these illusions within the ego self of the soul are a gift, that when we are choosing to reside “only” within the ego self of the soul’s rabbit hole or ego fits are we free from seeing the present being gifted to us. That sometimes within another soul or event gifting us with the soul rememberings Through life experience that we are meant to remember, embrace, and treasure that these soul rememberings may come through here in the field of duality we live in as the opposite of that soul remembering through life experience so that we may choose to remember, embrace, and treasure the soul remembering.

At first when this part of the channeled message came through, it was beyond my consciousness to understand this wisdom. It was when a few earth 催眠治療 dimension years later that I saw a spiritual movie that this channel of wisdom came clear. For any soul who has been free from seeing this movie, a woman named Amanda, and in the movie, she has this visionary dream in which a Shaman is seen standing over-looking the ocean. In looking out over the ocean, he sees several ships floating on the water. He then turns to Amanda to show her that they are indeed ships in the water coming toward them. However, at first, Amanda seeing within the illusionary perception of the ego self of the soul Axiom’s that there is “only” water, then sees “only” water. It is when the Shaman being the clear channel of vision for Amanda, assisting her in her choice to activate her soul eye or third eye gifting her with the infinite possibilities of the universe that these ships do exist that she then in a spiritual awakening sees them just as the Shaman does.

I came away from that film then with the spiritual confirmation as I too, had my spiritual eyes awakened as immediately upon seeing this in this film came clear to what the infinitely spiritual light being shared. That it is most often in this earth dimension of duality that we currently reside in that another soul will perceive to be or an event will occur to be “only” one way within the ego self of the soul to enable us to see the present that is being gifted within the spiritual soul remembering through life experience to remember, embrace, and treasure. An example of this is that I was immediately able to see in my own life was within the soul remembering through life experience in absoulute love, forgiveness, and the soul remembering through life experience in energetic cyclical release that my mom gifted to me.

As a child, my mother was what would be considered on this earth dimension as physically abusive. She would beat me regularly if I misbehaved. In our front yard we even had a purple tree with long thin branches that my mum would call the “switch” tree. Whenever I would get into trouble and my mum could not discover anything else handy such as a brush or a comb or a shoe to beat me with, she would say “OK, go get your switch” sending me outside to get the apparatus to be used to beat me with.

I knew that I forgave my mum on some resonance for this many earth dimensional years ago because I had reasoned that she was free from knowing any other way. And in truth on this physical earth dimension, she was free from knowing she had any other choice than to repeat this energetic cycle that had been within our spiritual soul group family for many earth dimensional generations. The most recent one before my mother was my grandfather partaking upon this with my mum, as she would tell me of stories where she would go to school with welts on her legs from the beatings that she received as a child from my grandfather. However, I knew within my soul that this forgiveness that I embraced was on a physical resonance rather than of a soulful resonance, melding the two into one.

It is often said within this field of duality that we live in on this earth dimension, that we either emulate our parents or are the exact opposite of our parents in every aspect of our lives. We either choose to continue energetic patterns of automatic ego self of the soul ‘only’ programming or choose to ignore it which is another of the infinite choices within the ego self of the soul or we choose to meld it within the soul as a whole creating what is, what is SO – Spiritual Oneness thereby releasing and recycling this energetic cyclical soul pattern back into the universe for this energy to be utilized again infinitely. The infinitely spiritual light being reveals that an energetic cyclical soul pattern is a soul pattern that is repeated within an earth dimensional form of a circle or cycle by choosing unconsciously from habitual automatic axiomal programming.

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