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Tungsten Rings Is Better Than Silver Rings

Recently I wrote an article about why you should choose Tungsten rings compared to the traditional silver and gold rings gold tungsten rings.But here’s reality, it’s hard to compete when it talks about tradition. Most people would normally stick to what they are used to even if it costs them so much. If not Gold, the second option is Silver.

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Silver so far is also something hard to compete.People of all ages tend to buy silver because it’s an accessory that is quite affordable. I have been a fan of Silver especially on my high school days. It’s quite good to remember that I have more than 4 Silver Rings on my hand aside from necklace. However, things changed. Time came that most of my Silver accessories had many dents and scratches. Obviously, I don’t have any option but to buy a new one, right? Knowing that I have a lot of them, I realized that it will be costly to buy Silver rings often. It is no economical.

Since then, I searched for other options. THat is the time I came across a store selling Tungsten Rings. At first, I was hesitant because it is quite new in the market and I don’t want my friends to say that I am buying cheaper ones. The funny thing is that, in just a few months time, many of the students within our school have been using Tungsten. Good choice for me. In the end, even my closiest friends was envy about my tungsten ring and they even bought a similar design for themselves.

The main idea here is that, Tungsten is not as popular as silver rings. However, time will come that it will boost its popularity and many will shift to it. So if you are looking for a ring that can not be scratched in any way, choose Tungsten Rings. it is long lasting and low maintenance. It also looks shiny all the time making people believed it is newly bought.

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