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Tungsten Wedding Ring-Selected Pair

Most wedding rings are made of precious metals, such as platinum, 結婚戒指款式 palladium, gold and silver. But with the passage of time, the existence of tungsten wedding rings has been recognized in the jewelry market. Then, for good reasons, its popularity increased. As a metal, tungsten has strength despite its brittleness. In fact, if it is mixed with an alloy such as nickel, its strength will be stronger than that of titanium. The polished appearance of tungsten will continue for a long time.

Tungsten wedding rings have two desirable characteristics. They are scratch resistant and have a permanent gloss. Usually, the tungsten ring may be scratched, but it requires high force and pressure. The hard simple steel hardly scratches tungsten, even if the ring is hit with a hammer, it will cause a little damage. Only diamond is the material that can cause real damage to tungsten metal.

You may be interested in buying a pair of tungsten wedding rings. However, before doing anything else, you must make some decisions and careful planning to get the best match. You must first consider that women’s wedding rings are usually in the range of 5mm-6mm, while men’s wedding rings are usually in the range of 6mm-10mm. You should realize that tungsten is a heavy metal, so the thicker the ring, the heavier your fingers will feel. When determining the size of the ring, the size of the tungsten ring must be rounded, not rounded. This will make you more suitable. There are also various designs of tungsten rings for weddings. Some common designs are concave, faceted, hemispherical or inclined. You can also sketch your own style from the titanium ring. You may want one of its elegant designs to choose your tungsten wedding ring.

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