Exercising the eyes alone will not achieve the desired result in improved eye sight. Vision is a physical psychological skill, a combination of the eye and brain working together, each dependent on the other for good eye sight.

The eye is like a camera taking in information; the retina transforms this information into energy impulses. These impulses are then swept by the saccadic movement of the eye into the optic nerve path. The optic nerve path travels through the entire Visiclear  brain into the back of the head ending up in the visual cortex and then we can say – I SEE.

Optometrists only look at the physical eye and prescribe glasses when the eye dysfunctions thereby weakening the eyes further. Most alternative Vision teachers insist on rigorous eye exercises without coupling it to the mental side of seeing and miss the opportunity for natural healing. Eyes are not separate from the body but very much part of it. Whatever ails our body or brain will also affect eye sight. All our organs interact with each other and none are isolated working on their own.

Looking at the big picture in terms of eye sight we can see that there is much more to improving eye sight than just looking at the eyes on their own. Eyes are affected by our emotions, stress, nutrition, blood circulation, general health and environment. To be able to heal vision naturally we need to look at all these areas and improve them. Some might say that their health is good and they eat all the right foods yet their eyes are still defective.

Eyes need certain vitamins vital for good vision but these vitamins may as well not be there if the blood circulation is sluggish and does not take these vitamins into the eyes.

Environment might be to blame or long hours sitting in one position or the light by which we work not being suitable. Our food might be contaminated with preservatives, hormones or artificially engineered. We might be under enormous pressure from certain areas and our thinking could be negative. Any one of these problems could negatively affect eye sight. What is needed is a good teacher who can look at all these areas, discard what is good and work on the problems.

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