First of all, a jogging stroller is an investment, something that should last you for years to come, therefore you want it to fit your every need. When deciding which jogging stroller may fit your lifestyle best, there are a few things to take into account. First of all, what exactly do you intent to do with it.

For those of you with a more leisurely lifestyle, who intend to use it every day, whether for casual walks, or trips to the shopping mall, you’re going to want something with a simple fold design, that folds small. Something that’s easy to load and unload into your vehicle, and depending on your vehicle size, something that will fit. So many people purchase jogging strollers without thinking it through. They get them home, assemble them, and after a few laps around the yard decide that it’s time to hit the shopping mall. That’s when they realize that their prized jogging stroller just wasn’t meant to fit in the trunk of their Audi Driveway bollards.

One of the biggest factors in choosing a jogging stroller is the wheel design. Most jogging strollers come with either a fixed wheel, swivel wheel, or a locking swivel wheel. The fixed wheel is designed for the serious jogger/runner, and it tracks straight, providing excellent stability on the trail. For those of you planning serious hikes, and fixed wheel is also ideal for a rough trail. It’s durable, and able to glide over rough terrain. To turn a fixed wheel jogging stroller, you must slightly lift up the front wheel, in other words, do a wheelie, and turn. You’d be surprised at how natural it feels to do so. So many people purchase a fixed wheel jogging stroller without realizing it, and then later post angry reviews about the wheel not turning properly. In you plan for casual walks around the park, or navigating your way through the grocery store, a fixed wheel can be kind of a pain. It takes two hands to wheelie it in order to turn, so if one hand is holding a shopping bag, it can be a bit tricky. Not to mention, your turning radius is not compatible for small spaces, such as clothing isles.

So, if you’re NOT a dedicated runner or serious hiker, you may want to think about purchasing a swivel wheel jogging stroller. In this case, the front wheel is designed to swivel and turn on a dime. These are excellent for meandering through tight spaces. They can easily be steered with one hand. Many people purchase swivel wheel jogging strollers for everyday use verses using the original four wheel design stroller because they’re so portable. Some of the fold up designs are extremely simple.

For those of you who occasionally like to run, but also want the excellent maneuverability, the locking front swivel wheel might be best for you. In this case the stroller design comes with a regular swivel wheel, that also has the capability of locking into place to perform like a fixed wheel. Some of the lower end jogging strollers that include locking swivel wheels have a tendency to wobble once locked and running, so you want to be careful.

Another thing to keep in mind when purchasing a jogging stroller is the climate in which you live. For example, if you live in Arizona, you’ll want to find a stroller with breathable fabric, and a proper sun shade. If you’re like me, living in Montana, the weather can be a bit unstable, so I prefer something with thicker fabric to keep my daughter warm, and a large weather hood, to keep her out of the elements. I also prefer the fixed wheel for winter time walks. The swivel wheel has a tendency to get stuck easily in soft surfaces, snow and sand included.

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