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When You Suffer Injuries From A Distracted Driver

Injuries from distracted driving are on the rise. If you are considering retaining an personal injury attorney because you’ve been injured by a distracted driver you may be interested in a few statistics. 39 states, the District of Columbia, and Guam ban text messaging for all drivers; 12 of these laws were enacted in 2010 alone. Ten states including the District of Columbia and the Virgin Islands ban handheld cell phones while driving. In Florida there were 180 traffic accidents in 2012 were directly caused by distracted driving and nationwide distracted driving caused 3,092 traffic fatalities.

Florida has no laws regarding driving while distracted but at least 5 bills dealing with distracted driving have been pre-filed for the March 2013 legislative session. These bills seek restrictions ranging from outright bans of handheld devices to assigning cell phone use secondary enforcement status, meaning that you can be ticketed for distracted 長期租車 driving but only if stopped for another offense such as speeding.

The chance of recovering damages from a distracted driver who has injured you because they were not paying attention to the road is problematic in Florida since there are no laws to support such legal action. It is possible, though, to recover compensation with the help of a qualified personal injury attorney.

Many families have received financial awards due to the death of a loved one-mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters killed because another driver did not think that they had to watch the road. Staying in touch with friends and family takes precedence over their own safety and the safety of others. Unfortunately, judgments against the offending driver are often uncollected. Insurance companies find loopholes that allow them to avoid paying your claim unless the person who injured you is a billionaire you have little chance of collecting your award.

12% of all drivers in Florida interviewed for a survey in 2012 admitted to texting while driving. Many employers, including Orange County and Walt Disney World, ban employees from texting while driving while they are on the job. Drivers who cause accidents and even deaths due to texting while driving say they don’t intend harm to anyone and are usually devastated when they see the misery they cause. Their contrition is short-lived, however, as many of these drivers get light sentences and can be found repeating their dangerous driving habits just weeks after they hurt someone.

If you have been injured by a distracted driver, whether they are texting, eating, applying makeup, or simply daydreaming, you deserve to be compensated for their indifference to your safety.

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